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It is very clear what their origins, to some it is Africa, or India or Afghanistan and China. But the truth is that there is evidence that ancient Egypt was already makes 2400 a. J.C. Also consumed by the Romans in the third century, and Muslims. GUE introduced in Spain by the Arabs. In France did not begin eating until the sixteenth century. Columbus was the one who introduced in America in one of his trips. The melon is an herbaceous plant, climbing the family Cucurbitaceae. Need tropical climates, dry, organic-rich soils, soft and well drained, so that in Europe are imported melons tropical countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Israel, Morocco, Honduras, Ecuador, ... Spain is the European country to produce, followed by Holland and France. Spanish areas where melons are grown: Almería, Murcia, Valencia, Castellón, Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Elche (Alicante).

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