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The sweet potato is a tropical or subtropical plant, which belongs to the family of Convulvuláceas. It needs a warm climate. If it hurts too cold, freeze. In Latin America, is best known for sweet potatoes. It is native to tropical America, is part of their basic diet and from there it spread to the West Indies. Spanish settlers brought him to the Philippines and Moluccas Islands. Later, Portuguese sailors made ​​it to reach India, China and Japan. In countries like Mexico is essential in the diet of its people and especially the children, and who make jams, jellies, jams and desserts made ​​with them. Also in Peru is utilizadísimo and the U.S.. In Spain, Sweet potatoes are linked to the idea of ​​Christmas, the tradition of Brazil nuts, chestnuts and sweet potatoes to sell in the streets. Currently, the main producers are: China, Uganda, Nigeria, Indonesia, Rwanda, Vietnam, India and Japan.

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