Protects Malaga

The D.O. Protects Malaga raisins raisins obtained by sun drying the ripe fruit of Malaga Muscatel or Muscat of Alexandria, harvested and dried in the Axarquia or subzone Manilva. Natural sun drying is the traditional area and the only one allowed by the regulation, so that makes our product maintains organoleptic characteristics that make it unique in taste, texture and color. Drying is done in the ferrymen, who are extending surfaces for raisining grapes, aimed at noon, with a minimum slope of 8%, awning and support provided to avoid the rain and dew. Its size is a function of availability of land, measuring around 4 to 5.5 x 10-12 m, with a seating capacity of approximately 300 to 400 kg. by pasero. The grapes are carefully arranged on the surface of pasero: smaller berries are left on the outer areas, since they are the first to dry, keeping in approximately 10 days ferrymen, varying weather conditions. The threshing is done manually receiving the traditional name of "chopped", and although it is a work primarily of women, involving all family members, using special scissors.

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