Organic Olive Oil

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Organic Olive oil is a vegetable oil cooking use mainly extracted from freshly harvested fruit of olive (Olea europaea) olive aceituna.1 called Almost a third of the olive pulp is oil, it is for this reason that since ancient times has your oil easily removed with simple pressure from a primitive mill (mill) .2 Its use is mostly culinary, but has been used for cosmetic purposes, as well as in daily oil lamps. The olive or olive is not usually eaten raw because of the bitter taste (mainly due to the presence of phenolic compounds), this flavor is greatly reduced by the application of various curing processes. However 90% of world production of olives will produce the aceite.2 Only 2% of global production takes place outside the area of ​​the Mediterranean and Spain, and to a lesser extent Italy and Greece account for three quarters of mundial.3 production The oil is extracted from ripe olives six to eight months, just when they contain the maximum amount of oil and is usually in late fall. The olives are subjected to a first pressure in order to extract their juice, the quality of oil depends largely on the further processing. It is for this reason that producers monitor these steps carefully. The olive oil quality is judged by its organoleptic properties and content of free fatty acids. There are EU regulations on oil ratings in six categories depending on acid concentration grasos.4 Be distinguished olive cultivation and scientific study (called olive growing) of the olive oil extraction and its study (called oil technology, from the Greek meaning elaion oil, olive course). More generally, olive oil extraction is the science that studies the extraction of vegetable oil from any source can be the same as olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, palm oil, etc.. Today olive oil is sold packaged in bottles (glass or plastic), and drums protected from light. The world's largest producers are in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea, Spain is the world's largest producer.

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